Taste London’s Heritage: Panzer’s Deli & Grocery + Black Cab Tour

Panzer’s Deli & Grocery London

Experience London’s Culinary History with Panzer’s Deli & Grocery

Brace yourself for a journey to London’s food heritage as we visit Panzer’s Deli & Grocery, a charming Jewish delicatessen with nearly a century of history. Hidden in the heart of St. Johns Wood, Panzer’s has remained a persistently beloved favourite for locals and travelers alike.

Imagine a regular Sunday at Panzer’s Deli; taste buds tingling from the enticing aroma of bagels and lox, feeling the richness of tradition in every bite. This iconic spot is not merely a grocery store but a timeless piece of London’s history!

History seeped in Every Bite at Panzer’s Deli & Grocery

Panzer’s Deli & Grocery was established in 1944 by two refugees, Mr. Panzer from Austria, and Mr. Vogl from Czech. This venture was later sold to Mr. Vogl, whose son carried on the family business. Fast forward to today, the current owner is David Josephs, a dedicated customer since childhood, who maintains the rich tradition and standards of this coveted delicatessen.

Panzer’s Deli is nestled in the green surroundings of St. Johns Wood, offering global delicacies, reminiscent of the original Eastern European delicatessens. From caviar to Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, or even a plush challah baked following a secret recipe passed down the generations, this store is a haven for food lovers.

Panzer’s Deli & Grocery: Decades of Culinary Perfection

A visit to Panzer’s Deli is incomplete without tasting its world-famous hand-cut lox, cream cheese, and bagels. Here, food is not just prepared, but crafted with love and dedication. Leading this charge is Stefan, who has committed over 25 years to his profession, expertly slicing the finest cuts of lightly smoked, melt-in-the-mouth fish.

Don’t be shy to approach the counter and request your preference. Whether you prefer newer, leaner cuts or the silkier, oilier ones closer to the skin, Stefan is sure to impress with his precision.

Interact with London in a London Black Cab

Visitors often ask, “how best to experience London’s iconic features?” The answer is simple, with a London Sightseeing Taxi Tour.

The beauty of London does not merely reside within its landmarks but is also sprinkled across its everyday street life. A black cab ride around London’s landmarks provides a unique vantage point to view the city’s rich cultural heritage.

As you cruise in one of the traditional black cabs, you can take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of London, including the unforgettable Panzer’s Deli & Grocery. Why merely visit London when you can intermingle with it?

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