London’s Time Travel Tales: The Charing Cross Storm Tree Tour

“**Title: A Black Cab Ride to Memory Lane: The Charing Cross Storm Tree**

Situated on the bustling street outside Charing Cross station resides a unique commemoration: the Charing Cross Storm Tree H2 . From a quick glance, it’s an ordinary English Oak. However, this isn’t just any tree. It is a living memorial, honouring the hundreds of thousands of trees London lost during the infamous Great Storm of 1987.

H2 When Nature Took Over London

The “Great Storm” on October 16, 1987, stands as one of the most destructive weather events in UK history. Unleashing fury upon England, France, and the Channel Islands, it claimed 22 lives, leaving England devoid of 15 million trees in merely a few hours.

London itself was not spared. With winds surpassing the speed of almost 100 miles per hour, it lashed relentlessly at the city, toppling an estimated 250,000 trees. The previous scenic cityscape was littered with felled trunks and branches.

H2 Rising from the Storm

Post-storm, the Evening Standard newspaper started a fund-raising drive and s\\ucceeded in amassing £60,000. The objective was simple: to plant new trees across all of London’s 32 boroughs, plus the City of London. Spearheading this noble venture was Angus McGill, a columnist with the paper.

The resilient English Oak standing tall outside Charing Cross station was planted the following year. A plaque on a nearby pillar chronicles the tree’s journey. In 2017, another plaque was installed to honour McGill, who passed away in 2015.

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H2 Let’s Make History Together

So, are you ready to time-travel? Are you prepared to step out of the black cab, pause, and share a moment with an English Oak that stands as a testament to London’s resilience? Join us as we chronicle London’s past, narrate its present, and explore its future landscapes.

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