Unveil London’s Hidden Gem: The Silver Jubilee Crystal Crown

Discover London’s Hidden Gem: The Silver Jubilee Crystal Crown

Discover the story behind a little-known, yet spectacularly noteworthy monument nestled in the heart of London called the Silver Jubilee Crystal Crown. An overt statement of British majesty brimming with an undercurrent of Hollywood charm, this monument is one stop that cannot be missed on your contemplative journey through the city. As part of our exclusive London Sightseeing Taxi Tour, we take you up close with this radiant gem, and unriddled its intriguing inception.

The Genesis: An Unwanted Movie Prop

The tale of the Silver Jubilee Crystal Crown is one of fortuitous discovery and masterful reinvention. Originally a discarded prop from Hollywood’s iconic production “2001: A Space Odyssey”, its destiny was re-envisioned by the renowned director, Stanley Kubrick. At the birth of the film, Kubrick had initially enlisted the expertise of Stanley Plastics to design a monumental perspex slab, intended to be a prop in the movie.

However, when brought on set, Kubrick repositioned his aesthetic vision and veered towards a more austere representation of the monument for the film, thus this original prop was cast aside, destined for obscurity.

A Royal Revival

Several years later, in anticipation of Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, the 11-foot perspex monolith experienced a transformative breath of life. Arthur Fleischmann, an acclaimed sculptor, was enlisted to design an art piece marking the Queen’s 25th anniversary on the throne.

Upon locating the deserted Kubrick prop, Fleischmann recognized its potential for regal magnificence. Laboring over this whopping two-metric-ton slab of acrylic – considered to be the largest in the world – Fleischmann managed to carve a resplendent crown that shimmered in the center.

The Unveiling: From Obscurity to Pomp

Replete with its new embodiment of British grandeur and Hollywood relevance, the crystalline marvel was unveiled by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself on June 5, 1977. This monument which lays in plain sight yet often overlooked, serves as a testament to history, art and opulence, amalgamating storylines from Hollywood extravagance to British Royal Jubilee.

Rediscover This Monument with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Few sites encapsulate the confluence of Hollywood eccentricity and British majesty quite like the Silver Jubilee Crystal Crown, a site often ignored by conventional guidebooks. As part of the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour, we invite you to experience this mesmerizing monument firsthand, where you will uncover its rich tale and appreciate its artistic brilliance under the guidance of our experienced tour guides.

As you step back into our iconic black cabs after visiting the monument, you’ll have experienced a taste of London’s captivatingly varied cultural scene. Join us, as we weave through the streets of alluring London, etching unforgettable memories that go beyond the beaten tourist track.”

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