Unlocking London’s Hidden Art World with Calvert 22 Gallery

Calvert 22 London 2

“## H2 Visiting a Hidden Gem: The Calvert 22 Art Gallery

London’s fascination isn’t restricted to the Royal Palaces, colossal monuments, or the well-trodden tourist trails. Tucked into the charismatic corners of its vibrant neighbourhoods, you will find many unique hidden gems. One such treasure is the Calvert 22 Foundation’s East London art gallery, a powerhouse of contemporary art from Eastern Europe.

## H2 Calvert 22: A Cultural Exchange

Founded in 2009 by Russian economist Nonna Materkova, the Calvert 22 Foundation has been instrumental in creating a rich cultural dialogue between the ‘New East’ Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, and Central Asia and the rest of the world. As such, the gallery offers a fresh perspective rare among the typical attractions, providing visitors with a unique insight into the lesser-known art cultures.

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## H2 Calvert 22: Expanding Artistic Dialogues

Offering more than a gallery experience, Calvert 22 is a cultural centre. Hosting events and discussions that accompany the exhibitions, the gallery offers its visitors the opportunity to engage with the themes and ideas presented. It’s not just about displaying art. It’s about stimulating dialogues, nurturing understanding, and fostering seamlessness between different worlds, beliefs, and cultures.

## H2 Shoreditch: A Canvas of Creativity

Located amidst the eclectic vibes of Shoreditch, Calvert 22 Space blends effortlessly into the neighbourhood’s thriving art scene. Shoreditch’s artistic roots trace back to the 16th Century when it was home to the city’s first entertainment district, including some of the country’s first permanent theatres. Back then, a young Shakespeare would debut his works here, earning this neighbourhood its artistic legacy.

Today, this area is a splendid medley of immigrants and artists, brimming with the artistic potential which Calvert 22 harnesses meticulously. With its buzzing nightlife, Shoreditch is perfect for those looking to experience London’s edgy side after a day of exploring.

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## H2 Calvert 22: The Gateway to the New East

Calvert 22 Foundation holds the honour of being the UK’s sole non-profit dedicated to art from the New East. By exhibiting works from both established and emerging artists, it has created a platform for these often overlooked demographics to share their diverse perspectives.

## H2 A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

A visit to this unconventional art space takes you on a journey. It’s a chance to move beyond the rigidity of conventional sightseeing, instead experiencing the ebb and flow of London’s rich, constantly evolving artistic scene.

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