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Walbrook Skulls London

Uncover the Mystery of the Walbrook Skulls with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Seeking an adventure that flirts with history and mystery during your visit to London? Embark on a unique journey exploring the hidden secrets of the capital with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours. On this tour, we dive into the enigmatic tale of the Walbrook Skulls – a discovery that combines thrilling suspense, ancient civilizations, and archeological intrigue. For a haunting yet educational escapade, check out the full details of our tour here .

Walbrook Skulls: A Storied Find for the Pages of London’s History

Deep within the heart of London, archaeologists have been unraveling an eerie mystery that dates back to Roman times. Since the late 1980s, they’ve uncovered 39 skulls, all of which were male, aged between 18 and 35. The mystery? No other body parts were found in the vicinity.

Broken jawbones, fractured skulls, and evidence of severe blunt force trauma paint a picture of violent lives these men lead or were subjected to. What’s even more chilling is that most of the skulls bore indicators of decapitation – a grim detail that lends itself to several theories about the men’s demise.

Initially, many believed these skulls to belong to victims of the Celtic Iceni queen’s rebellion, led by Boudicca. But carbon dating paints a different story. They were deposited well after Boudicca’s uprising, during a time of relative peace in the city. This observation turned the wheels of other theories, including a flooded Roman cemetery, an undocumented insurrection, or the remnants of gladiators and criminals left in open burial pits.

An Undocumented Chapter in History – Explore with the Best

What lends further intrigue to the tale is their storied resting place. Found in an area of active excavation known for its centuries-long connection with burial practices and rituals, the site closed in December 2022 for refurbishing until 2026.

But the spirit of exploration lives on, as our expert London Sightseeing Taxi Tours guides whisk you away, letting you explore every twist and turn of the tale from the comfort of a traditional black cab. We’re known for bringing the capital’s noted landmarks and lesser-known corners to life, and the tale of the Walbrook skulls is no exception.

London Sightseeing Taxi Tours – A Journey into the Past

Join us as we journey across the city, tracing the path of the infamous skulls, discussing theories, and revealing how these findings unraveled London’s Roman past. From the alleged rebellion against Roman rule by the ‘Romanised’ Celts to the historic flooding of a Roman cemetery – all theories breathe life into an unknown chapter of this city’s rich past.

Delve deep into London’s cryptic history as we decode the mystery of the Walbrook skulls. We offer a unique perspective on the city, blending historical narratives with the thrill of mystery-solving.

Take a plunge into London’s haunting yet fascinating past today. As history unfolds under the expertise of our guide, the allure of London deepens. Dare to explore the side of the city rarely visited by ordinary tourists? Book your tour with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours .

Be a Part of the Unseen History

To experience the hair-raising tales and the richly layered history of London, there’s no better way than with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours. We guide adventurous travelers through the narratives that shaped the city, one tale at a time. Engage your curiosity, and book a tour today to discover the story behind the Walbrook skulls and many more enigmatic landmarks of London. You write the journey; we’ll lead the way.”

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