Unveiling Tower Bridge’s Dark Tales of Dead Man’s Hole with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Tower Bridge’s Dead Man’s Hole London

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Tower Bridge: A Journey into Dead Man’s Hole

London is a city laden with rich history and fascinating tales tucked away in her architectural gems. Some of these tales are a little more sombre, whispering legends of the darker times. Not many are aware of Tower Bridge’s intriguing feature known as Dead Man’s Hole. It once served as a disturbing collection point for the bodies carried by the River Thames.

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Tower Bridge’s Dead Man’s Hole: A Victorian Tale of the Thames

Underneath the northern end of the iconic Tower Bridge resides a remarkable testament to the former nefarious activities on the River Thames. As you stroll over to the eastern side of the bridge, you’ll come across an alcove, standing out with its white tiles against the dark stone cobble surroundings.

This alcove, known ominously as Dead Man’s Hole, was constructed during the Victorian Era to serve as a net, ensnaring bodies that the River Thames carried through the city. As a grim wave from the past when murder, accidental drownings, and suicide were rampant, the alcove has its own chilling history to share. Bodies that tragically ended up in the river were collected using a hooked pole and left on display in Dead Man’s Hole, where they awaited identification by distressed family or friends.

Such was the grizzly spectacle that some bodies remained unidentified for so long, they reportedly exploded under the pressure of decomposing gasses – a theory which explains the choice of easy-to-clean white tiles that adorn the alcove’s walls.

Executions and the Tower of London Connection

Proximity to the Tower of London added another layer of grim history to Dead Man’s Hole. Bodies of those unfortunate souls who were executed at the Tower were transported to this alcove. Caught somewhere between the world of the living and the deceased, their existence served as a chilling reminder of the bridge’s less savory past.

Uncover London’s Darker History with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

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