London’s Artistic Oasis: Oval Space with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

“## Discotheques and Delights at Bethnal Green’s Oval Space

One of London’s hidden gems, the Oval Space in Bethnal Green, is a cutting-edge, multi-use art space hidden in the shadow of age-old Victorian gas works. Once functioning as a medical factory, the Oval Space has been uniquely transformed into an open warehouse which now makes a mark on the vibrant club and music scene in London. It’s a sanctum of all things artistic that demands a visit on your London sightseeing tour.

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## Oval Space: The Artistic Heart of London

While London has many iconic tourist spots, the Oval Space distinguishes itself as a sui generis in the art fraternity. Intricate still and video installation exhibitions, hyper-energetic DJ sets, breath-taking band performances, the Oval Space has it all. The distinct industrial milieu, highlighted by the looming gas holders at its backdrop and the expanse of the open warehouse, lend a secretive, underground feel to the place that is absolutely enthralling.

## An Unforgettable Night

The Oval Space pulls hundreds of fashionable young attendees to most of its events and stands as a beacon of the performing arts scene in the area. Stepping into an enchanting night at the Oval Space, resonant with vivacious music, stimulating conversations and astonishing artistic displays, you’re certain to be swept off your feet by the eclectic energy the space emanates.

## A Venue of Evolutions

Throughout the years, the club and music scene have gone through myriad evolutions, drawing sanctuary in several venues. The Oval Space is the latest in such storied venues. More than just a party space, the Oval Space presents a platform for avant-garde talents to hop on and showcase their skills to an eager audience waiting to absorb an experience of a lifetime.

## Make the Most of Your Visit

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Come explore the Oval Space, a venue that behaves not just as another hotspot for music or another art gallery for aficionados – it is an evolving entity that gives art a distinctive essence that London is celebrated for worldwide. After all, what can be more memorable in your London journey than being part of the city’s pulsating local culture which the Oval Space brings at your behest!

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