Magical Ride through Leadenhall Market: Discover London’s Charms with Us!

Leadenhall Market London

Welcome to the Magical Leadenhall Market


The heart of London vibrates with history, culture and a certain kind of magic you won’t find anywhere else. In a city as vast as this, finding the hidden gems can be a tall order, but if you’re seeking a sweet mixture of celebrated heritage where reality intertwines with fantasy, then look no further than Leadenhall Market.

Brace yourself to be swept off your feet by the charming allure of Leadenhall Market, a central London location that oozes charm and offers a truly sensational London Sightseeing Taxi Tour experience!


Travel Back in Time at Leadenhall Market

Nestled in the historic financial district of London, Leadenhall Market’s captivating painted roof and cobblestone floors teleport you back to the 19th century. Being one of the oldest markets in London, it was initially known for selling meat and fish since the 14th century. The installation of the vibrant green and red roof in 1881 breathed new life into the market, propelling it to one of the most sought-after attractions in London.


The Real Diagon Alley

For those with an appreciation for beloved literature and iconic films, especially the Harry Potter series, you’re in for a treat. Ever imagined strolling down the whimsical streets of Diagon Alley, peering into magical shop windows, or knocking on the door of the Leaky Cauldron?

Well, a visit to Leadenhall Market allows you to experience the next best thing! This fantastic marketplace served as the film location for the original exterior shots of Diagon Alley, the bustling wizarding world’s shopping hub filled with spellbooks, wands, and an array of magical items. It is here where childhood fantasies virtually come to life.


Peek into the Leaky Cauldron

Eager to spot the famous Leaky Cauldron, the clandestine gateway to Diagon Alley? Meander through the Bull’s Head Passage and cast your eyes on a quaint blue door of an optics shop, which served as the entrance in the Goblet of Fire. While Muggles cannot pass through this doorway to be whisked away into the wizarding world of bustling Diagon Alley, the undeniable allure of strolling down the same path are memories to cherish.


Your Journey Awaits with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Ready to embark on this magical journey yourself? London Sightseeing Taxi Tours cordially invites you to step into the fascinating world of Harry Potter. Whether you’re a Muggle, a wizard, or a witch, our tours are crafted carefully to provide a unique experience that leaves you spellbound.

Owing to our fleet of iconic black cabs and professional tour guides, each journey is tailored to offer an up-close view of London’s remarkable landmarks and hidden gems, like the bewitching Leadenhall Market. So, why wait? Join us at London Sightseeing Taxi Tours for a magical spin around one of the world’s most enchanting cities!”

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