Brew-tiful London: Twinings Tea Shop & Taxi Tour

Twinings Tea Shop London

Discovering London’s Tea Legacy at Twinings Tea Shop

Nestled away in London’s bustling city streets, there exists a time capsule to the UK’s tea-drinking origins: the Twinings Tea Shop. This tea lover’s dream is not just another tourist attraction, but a piece of living history located in the heart of the city, guiding us on an aromatic journey back to the time when tea was first introduced to the English populace.

An exciting way to discover this three-century-old gem is with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours – a company renowned for unprecedented black cab rides through London’s landmarks. Their London Sightseeing Taxi Tour offers an up-close and personal tour of such rich cultural iconography, with Twinings Tea Shop being one of the must-see locations.

The Charm of Twinings: More than Just a Tea Shop

The Twinings Tea Shop, found at 216 Strand, began its journey in 1706 as Tom’s Coffee House. This humble beginning marked the start of a tea empire, whose influence has turned the drink from an exotic novelty to Britain’s cherished national beverage.


First opened by Thomas Twining, this former East India Company apprentice-turned-merchant quickly acquired a reputation for offering exquisite tea blends. It wasn’t long before the shop’s popularity led to the decision to exclusively sell dry packaged teas, paving the way for women to participate in tea drinking at home.

A Journey Through History: Twinings Tea Shop

Walking into the Twinings Tea Shop is an experience in itself. The storefront, declared as the oldest corporate logo in continuous use, invites guests into a world where tea reigns supreme. This intricate, gold signage, unchanged since 1787, silently narrates tales from the past, while the interior charms its visitors with nostalgic references to a bygone era of English aristocracy.


The Twinings Tea Shop isn’t just a purveyor of delicious brews; it’s a living exhibit of the UK’s captivating tea stories. With Twinings awarded a Royal Warrant in 1837, you can relish the privilege of savouring the flavours that have graced the palate of the Royal Family.

Experience Twinings Tea Shop with the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour

The London Sightseeing Taxi Tour offers a unique opportunity to immerse in the aroma-filled history of the Twinings Tea Shop. With an engaging guide and comfortable transportation, this tour allows you to journey through three centuries of tea history, tracing the steps from when Britain’s affair with the drink started to how Thomas Twining turned it into a symbol of national identity.


So, why not hop aboard the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour and uncover the rich history held within the walls of the illustrious Twinings Tea Shop? From the cultural heritage to the memorable tea blends, this unique experience promises to be a brew-tiful journey you won’t want to miss!”

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