Uncover the Wallace Collection Armory with London Sightseeing Taxis!

The Wallace Collection Armory London

Discover The Eccentric Glory Of The Wallace Collection Armory With London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Unleash your inner knight or damsel and journey back in centuries of history with the awe-inspiring Wallace Collection Armory https://londonsightseeingtaxitours.com/product/london-sightseeing-taxi-tour-group , an integral part of our iconic London Sightseeing Taxi Tour. Here, you will enter a world of grandeur, passion, and eccentricities hidden in the heart of London – Hertford House.

The Legacy of Victorian Aristocracy

This historical treasure trove was started by the Fourth Marquess of Hertford in the 19th century. The Marquess, who had an insatiable appetite for Asian and European medieval weaponry, began this impressive collection. His obsession for collecting was inherited by his equally eccentric son, Sir Richard Wallace, who, after his father’s death in 1870, greatly supplemented the collection.

From auction houses to overseas trips, Wallace left no stone unturned to augment his family’s armory. The depth and breadth of Richard Wallace’s collection – spanning from medieval European armor, extraordinary relics from the Ottoman empire to artifacts from feudal Japan and Mughal India – will surely set your imagination ablaze.

A Gift to the Nation

Upon Wallace’s death in 1897, his widow bequeathed the family’s extensive collection and the grand Hertford House to the nation of Great Britain. This eventually led to the creation of the Wallace Collection museum, a historical gem that was opened to the public in 1900.

Your Adventure with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

What better way to immerse yourself in history than under the expert guidance of our experienced cab drivers at London Sightseeing Taxi Tours https://londonsightseeingtaxitours.com/product/london-sightseeing-taxi-tour-group ? As you traverse the bustling streets of London in our classic black cabs, you will be part of an unforgettable journey into the heart of one of the world’s most captivating cities.

Our London Sightseeing Taxi Tours will lead you to the doorstep of Hertford House. Here, you can marvel at the grandeur of Victorian Britain and their eccentric taste. Explore the extensive display of weaponry, covering numerous geographical regions and historical periods. Let the intricate details etched onto the armor unleash your imagination, painting images of chivalrous knights, intense battles, and grand processions.

Experience History Like Never Before

The Wallace Collection Armory not only provides a deep dive into the rich history of medieval arms and warfare but also a glimpse into the obsessive lifestyles of the aristocrats who assembled this collection. This tour makes for an exceptional experience when accompanied by our knowledgeable guides’ anecdotes, unveiling little-known tidbits about the collection and its founders.

Our commitment is not only to show you London’s landmarks but also to ensure your comfort throughout the tour. With our London Sightseeing Taxi Tours https://londonsightseeingtaxitours.com/product/london-sightseeing-taxi-tour-group , London’s rich history awaits you, just a black cab ride away. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the Wallace Collection Armory and much more, book your tour today!

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