Uncover London’s Timeless Mysteries with Spitalfields Charnel House Tour

Spitalfields Charnel House London

Discover London’s Historical Layers with a Visit to Spitalfields Charnel House

Welcome to a journey back in time, to the mysterious ancient past of London. A city that is now a modern metropolis, it was once a bustling metropolis of the Middle Ages and beyond. Tread the ancient bylanes in a black cab from London Sightseeing Taxi Tours and find yourself staring at the remnants of history laying bare, hidden in plain sight, in the nooks and corners of this timeless city.

The Spitalfields Charnel House, preserved meticulously behind a glass, is one such site. Once a medieval mortuary built to store human remains during times of famine or plague, this charnel house is a macabre reminder of the city’s long and complex journey through time.

Journey Back in Time to Spitalfields Charnel House

During excavations in the late 1990s, the foundations of a building that had existed around 300 years earlier were unearthed. The area between the city’s northern Bishopsgate portal and the eastern Aldgate portal, established by Romans as a burial ground, has continued to serve as an interment site through the centuries. The Spitalfields Charnel House is known to have been associated with the hospital of St. Mary, constructed in the late 12th century, which was used as a place of rest for religious pilgrims and gradually began to offer aid to the sick and injured.

The Spitalfields name itself comes from the conjunction of hospital and field. In times of pestilence and infection causing great mortalities, this hospital transformed into a vault for myriads of bones.

From a Place of Deaths to a Centre of Attractions

However, as with everything in London, time has rendered a complete transformation here. What was once a place marked by deaths is now a bustling corner vibrant with din and colours of life. The modern Spitalfields area is a hub for leisure and business, flush with restaurants, retail outlets, and office buildings.

Yet, the memory of St. Mary’s Chapel and charnel house lingers, like a hallowed tale, preserved carefully under the Spitalfields market’s glass flooring. Here, you can gaze upon the remains of the ancient chapel, and if you dare, descend the steps leading you down toward a subterranean view of the historical remains.

Revel in A Journey of Tales and Terrors with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Step into a realm of history, mysteries, and marvelling tales as you embark on a journey through time with our London Sightseeing Taxi Tour. We invite you to explore the bygone eras that lace the streets of London, be it the solemn Spitalfields Charnel House or the grandeur of the city’s timeless landmarks.

Our black cabs will not only take you across the city’s historical arenas but also relay the stories etched within their walls, making your journey through time an unforgettable one. Come and discover London like never before!

Join us on this unique journey and experience a side of London that’s often overlooked. Discover the city’s ancient history with the churches, the plague, the Romans and the centuries of change that have given us the metropolis we know and love today. History is alive and well in the city of London – come and experience it for yourself.”

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