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Explore Hidden London: Inside King’s Cross Ice Well

The grand city of London conceals many historical gems within its vibrant folds, one such hidden gem is the Victorian Ice Wells at King’s Cross Station. Courtesy of our signature black cab tours offered by London Sightseeing Taxi Tours, let us unravel this intriguing slice of London’s past together.

An Unusual Slice of Victorian History

In the era of Victorian Britain, ice was a sparse luxury, merely used for meat and dairy preservation, as well as a primitive form of anaesthesia for surgeries. Reputable ice cream entrepreneur Carlo Gatti commissioned the construction of two hefty ice wells behind London’s King’s Cross Station. Positioned in proximity to water, these wells stored ice harvested from freezing ponds and rivers. Gatti’s enterprise amplified, supplying ice widely across London, transforming him into the millionaire he was at his death in 1878.

The Abandoned Wells of King’s Cross

The monumental ice wells fell into disuse about a century ago. With artificial ice manufacturing playing a prominent role and the rapid evolution of refrigeration technology, Gatti’s establishments were left redundant. The forgotten cellars were only unveiled when an immersive London Canal Museum was set up in the building.

The London Canal Museum: A Glimpse into the Ice Wells

Today, these wells have been revamped into a distinct feature of the London Canal Museum. Visitors can unearth London’s icy past from an observation deck, overlooking the deep wells that once stored tonnes of natural ice. Furthermore, this well-preserved site opens annually, presenting a unique opportunity to descend into the well depths, allowing people to practically sense the bygone era’s history.

The Virtual Experience

Unable to visit the museum in person? The London Canal Museum has made provisions for that as well. Explore the depths of King’s Cross ice well from the comfort of your home with a user-friendly, web-controlled camera installed in the cellar. This immersive experience allows users to navigate these Victorian ice wells at their convenience.

Discover Hidden London with Sightseeing Taxi Tours

London’s rich history goes far beyond the commonly known landmarks. With London Sightseeing Taxi Tours, experience regal black cab rides through the city’s mysteries, including the King’s Cross Ice Wells and many more.

From popular landmarks to hidden historic sites, London Sightseeing Taxi Tours offer explorers a chance to uncover the city’s magic and its rich tapestry of history. Let us transform your ordinary holiday into extraordinary memories. Book your London Sightseeing Taxi Tour today and delve deeper into the heart of historic London!”

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