Uncover London’s Dark Secrets: Newgate Prison with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Hidden Cells Of Newgate Prison London

Unravelling the Secrets of Newgate Prison with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Br Discover traces of London’s darker past as you explore the hidden remains of Newgate Prison with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours. Experience the thrill and chill as we take you on an unforgettable journey through London’s criminal history, encapsulating tales of infamous inmates, forgotten cells, and the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. Br

Finding Newgate’s Forgotten Cells

Br Our tour begins at the location of the now lost Newgate Prison. Once a name that guaranteed to terrify any resident of London, today, the site is home to the tranquil Old Bailey, save for a simple plaque reminding visitors of the site’s infamous past. As we delve deeper into the heart of London, we reveal long-forgotten stories of countless thieves, highwaymen, murderers, and some of the city’s most notorious villains, all of whom spent time inside Newgate’s imposing brick walls. Br

Meet the Infamous Inmates of Newgate

Br Our black cab winds its way through the streets of London, painting a picture of the famous personalities that once roamed the corridors of Newgate. From William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, imprisoned for his refusal to remove his hat in court, to Daniel Defoe, held captive for crafting anti-church pamphlets, Newgate’s roster of inmates is as fascinating as it is gruesome. Br

Step Inside the Elegant Viaduct Tavern

Br As we cross the cityscape, our cab pulls up at the elegant Viaduct Tavern that lies across from Newgate Prison. Stepping inside its grandeur marks a stark contrast to the gloom of the prison it neighbours. Originally established as a refuge for the labourers working on the nearby viaduct bridge, it soon transformed into a premier gin palace in the heart of the city. But don’t get too comfortable in its opulence, as we venture beneath the tavern to reveal the dark secret it conceals. Br

Unearth the Secret Dungeons of Viaduct Tavern

Br Down in the bowels of the Viaduct Tavern lay what are believed to be remnants of Newgate’s old jail cells. In the dim light, with rusted iron bars and the distinct aura of a centuries-old dungeon, you will get a taste of the more sombre side of London’s past. Rumours suggest that a hidden tunnel once connected these cells to the main Newgate Prison across the street— a thrill that only adds to the allure of the Viaduct Tavern. Br

Discover the Intriguing History of the Viaduct Tavern

Br Rounding off our journey, we explore the stories and myths that surround the tavern. From tales of an opium den and a secretive brothel to the more mundane history of gin sales, our tour through the heart of London offers a comprehensive look into the city’s past. Br

Explore London’s Dark History with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Br Our black cab tour allows you to sit back, relax and unravel the fascinating secrets of London’s history. The immersive journey, coupled with the intimate setting of our traditional black cab, guarantees an experience unlike any other. So, if you’re ready to walk in the footsteps of London’s most notorious characters, we invite you to join us on our London Sightseeing Taxi Tour. Don’t miss out! Book your tour now and uncover the hidden past of the world-famous city of London. Br

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