The Cornerstone Discovery: London Taxi Art Tour

The Cornerstone' London

Discover ‘The Cornerstone’ – A Bermondsey Artwork With A Twist on a London Sightseeing Taxi Tour

Bermondsey, a thriving South London location, houses hidden treasures ideal for explorers and art enthusiasts. Among these treasures is the unique and captivating ‘The Cornerstone.’ Brought to life by the creative genius of artist and stonemason Austin Emery, this fascinating piece of public artistry forms an integral part of the neighbourhood’s rich cultural fabric. Even better – you can visit ‘The Cornerstone’ in style with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours for a journey through the heart of London’s history.

What Makes ‘The Cornerstone’ Unique?

‘The Cornerstone’ is a testament to community unity, creativity, and London’s storied history. The handcrafted statue is the result of collective efforts from 100 children and adults from all walks of life. From the Whites Grounds Estates residents to people from the wider community, all showcased their handiwork, adorning goggles, mallets, and chisels during public workshops.

Emery’s artistic pièce de résistance is a puzzle of history, its building blocks consisting of fragments from Southwark Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament. If you’re wondering why these historical landmarks – they form the bedrock of London’s historical majesty. But that’s not all – even bone fragments from the Thames foreshore have been incorporated into the statue, making it all the more curious and intriguing.

An Ode to London’s History

Emery’s Cornerstone, located in Bermondsey – once a bustling commercial hub due to its proximity to the Thames, is a living memory of London’s colourful past. The artwork metaphorically stitches together fragments of the city’s history, reminding viewers and passersby of its vibrant evolution.

Bringing Communities Together

The objective behind ‘The Cornerstone’ is to foster unity and pride among London’s diverse communities. This endeavour resonates through the shared experience of creation, bonding multicultural neighbourhoods around Bermondsey. Thus, the statue is not just an assortment of stones – it is a mosaic of warm human connections bridging social divides.

Bermondsey – A Canvas of Creative Expression

Today, the Cornerstone stands tall as a cherished local landmark, contributing to the energetic ‘art’ heartbeat of Bermondsey. It is a tribute to the power of community and a symbol of the area’s deep-rooted artistic flair.

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Experience ‘The Cornerstone’

Witness the ingenuity of the local community as they pieced together an iconic piece of living art heritage that is the Cornerstone. Relish in the architectural wonder this sculpture presents by blending versatility and tradition. Marvel at the brilliance brought to life through a chisel, mallet, and unreserved creativity – only in Bermondsey.

Your Adventure Awaits with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours!

So there you have it! An inside tour into the heart of Bermondsey, captured by Austin Emery’s masterpiece, ‘The Cornerstone’. And there’s so much more awaiting your discovery! This is just a glimpse of what London Sightseeing Taxi Tours” can uncover for you.

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