Mystic Beauty: Explore Highgate Cemetery’s Circle of Lebanon with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

World's Largest Potted Plant London

Discover the Remarkable History of Highgate Cemetery’s Potted Giant

Welcome to the mystic world of monumental heritage, rich history, and daunting beauty – the Highgate Cemetery in London. While London is brimming with magnificent attractions and stunning landscapes, one of the city’s awe-inspiring hidden treasures is certainly the Circle of Lebanon in Highgate Cemetery.

 Discover the Circle of Lebanon in Highgate Cemetery

Nestled in the heart of the western side of this hauntingly beautiful cemetery, the Circle of Lebanon offers more than its enclosing tombs; it was once home to a remarkable Cedar of Lebanon tree. This tree, the inadvertent world’s largest potted plant, lent a sense of tranquillity to the otherwise eerie environs of the cemetery.

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The ‘Potted Giant’- Unveiling the History of Cedar Tree

The cemetery, originally part of the Ashurst House grounds, developed around the preexisting Cedar of Lebanon tree, which has a history as fascinating as the cemetery itself.

When St. Michael’s Church replaced Ashurst House in 1830, the Cedar tree, already a century old by then, was preserved. It remained as a colossal centerpiece around which the cemetery strategically grew, creating a vast pot nurtured with history, legends, and myths, complete with an awe-inspiring tree inside it.

Embark on a Historical Journey

The cemetery’s earliest tombs, constructed around the cedar tree, sported the fashionable Egyptian style of the 1830s, while the outer circle of graves adopted a more classical blueprint. This circle of mausoleums known as the “Circle of Lebanon,” cradles the cedar tree like a protective mother, nurturing her child within the confines of her love – a phenomenal sight that attracts both historians and tourists alike.

Moreover, despite age and constraints, the tree continued to grow, embodying the spirit of resistance. It became a magnificent bonsai nurtured and contained within its historical cauldron – a testament to the timeless strength of survival.

The Fall of the Potted Giant

Unfortunately, in August 2019, decay got the better of this Millennial beauty and the tree, soaked in history and memories, was removed for safety reasons. This sparked a quest for a fitting replacement, symbolizing the spirit of survival and timeless beauty, mirroring the life saga of the original cedar.

As of July 2021, the Cedar of Lebanon has not yet been replaced. However, the compelling aura of the Circle of Lebanon remains undeterred, thanks to the rich history surrounding it and the promise of new beginnings it holds.

Plan a Visit to This Historical Landmark

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Wrap Up

While the journey of the Cedar of Lebanon and its inevitable fall may seem like a tale of melancholic nostalgia, it carries an important message of resilience and beauty that transcends time and constraints. So, come and experience the historical saga that the Circle of Lebanon in Highgate Cemetery has to narrate, adding a priceless memory to your London tour.

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