London Delights: Black Cab Tours to Hidden Gems

A Hidden Gem in the Heart of London: Algerian Coffee Stores and Beyond

Stashed away in the vibrant district of Soho, the Algerian Coffee Stores offers a surreal throwback to an era long past. Amidst the neon lights, bustling nightlife, and ongoing hustle and bustle of modernity, this charming sanctuary is where London’s rich coffee heritage springs to life. Still charmingly original, with its 19th-century wooden counter and shelves lined with endless jars, the Algerian Coffee Stores whispers tales of a London that once was, and as a visitor, it’s an essential stop on London Sightseeing Taxi Tours .

The Legacy of Mr. Hassan: Algerian Coffee Stores

Established in 1887 by an Algerian merchant named Mr. Hassan, the Algerian Coffee Stores, in all its plurals, has weathered countless adversities including two World Wars, various financial crises, and the relentless modernization of the 21st century. With aromatic coffee beans from Ethiopia, Cuba, Kenya, Colombia, Java and more, such as the rare Kona from Hawaiʻi’s Big Island or the indulgently expensive Jamaican Blue Mountain, it’s more than just a coffee store.

For tea enthusiasts, the selection is just as eclectic, featuring hundreds of varieties from the Japanese Genmaicha green tea to Indian Nilgiri Pekoe tea to the classic Argentinian mate. A paradise for caffeine lovers, Algerian Coffee Stores is an exhibit of a world-class selection of coffees and teas.

Getting Your Much-Needed Caffeine Fix

Being in this vintage store and having to wait to take your chosen beans home is no problem t all. Affordably priced at £1 for an espresso and £1.20 for a cappuccino, you can indulge in a hearty caffeine fix right on the spot – and perhaps the best thing is, there’s no risk for draining your pocket. This feature, amongst others, has earned the store a prestigious spot on the itinerary of the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour .

Sightseeing with a Twist, the Black Cab Way!

A visit to Algerian Coffee Stores, and perhaps even a cup or two! of their exquisite drinks, is the perfect start to any day of sightseeing in London. But rather than just treading the commonly beaten path, why not get a taste of the authentic London aura from the back of a renowned black cab? Trust us, London Sightseeing Taxi Tours bring you closer to the city’s heartbeat in a way no other tour operator does!

Your Gateway to Other Undiscovered Gems in London

Algerian Coffee Stores is one of the many hidden gems you’ll discover when you opt for a London Sightseeing Taxi Tour . Along with it, there are other impressive, often overlooked landmarks, quintessential British pubs, farmer markets, and many more undiscovered gems that are just waiting for you to explore.

Experience the Road Less Travelled in London!

So, whether you are a Londoner looking to uncover the hidden stories of your city, or a tourist eager to experience London beyond the bustling crowds and the usual sights, here’s your chance. Sit back, relax, and let our experienced cabbies navigate you through an unforgettable journey across London city. Book your London Sightseeing Taxi Tour today.

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