Journey Through Blake’s London: Sightseeing Taxi Tour!

William Blake's Home London

Unfold the Creations of William Blake with a Unique London Sightseeing Taxi Tour

Anyone who’s dipped their toes into the vast sea of English literature and art is aware of the monumental contributions from the legendary William Blake. This illustrious poet, best known for masterpieces like “Jerusalem The Emanation of the Giant Albion,” “Milton: A Poem,” and “The Chimney Sweeper,” carved his magic whilst living in a Georgian-style townhouse in the heart of London. Today, this quietly iconic dwelling at 17 South Molton Street br is a haven for literature lovers and history enthusiasts. But how about stepping away from mundane museum visits and experiencing this legendary shrine on wheels? Introducing the unique London Sightseeing Taxi Tour which takes you on an enthralling journey through London b/ , unfurling the intriguing life and works of William Blake. Here’s how you can relish the rich literary heritage of William Blake’s abode through the extraordinary lens of London Sightseeing Taxi Tours.

Experience the Charm of Blake’s Famed South Molton Abode

From the comfort of a traditional London black taxi cab, the tour opens with William Blake’s artistic arena, the Georgian townhouse on South Molton Street. This exceptional location gives you the exclusive opportunity to stroll through the profound history engrained in this place, blended perfectly with Blake’s heartwarming anecdotes. This tour explores the secrets of Blake’s work studio, the mysterious whalebone corset vendor, the copper plate press, and most importantly, the nuances of his life and hardships.

Unravel the Mysteries of Blake’s Life and Art

The tour proceeds to trace Blake’s life through stories, capturing his and Catherine’s battle with poverty, their unappreciated artistry, and their undying spirit. Surrounded by the preserved soot on the building’s facade, you can practically hear the echoes of Blake’s “The Chimney Sweeper,” reminding us of the harsh realities of 19th-century London. Notably, it’s also a journey retracing Blake’s innovative process of “illuminated printing,” created here to self-publish his groundbreaking work.

Dive Deep into the Inspirational Struggle of Blake

Further ahead, the tour sheds light on Blake’s unheard accounts of struggle and loss with the failure of his epic ‘Jerusalem’. A tale of resilience and undeterred passion, the profound narrative of Blake’s life draws deep-rooted admiration for the artist who stayed committed to his artistry till his last breath, working on illustrations for Dante’s Inferno despite overwhelming financial odds.

Immerse in the Legacy of Blake Today

The tour concludes on the top floor of this historic building, where the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour takes you to the heart of the Blake Society’s sleeping quarters. The room, decorated with handwritten quotes from Blake and other famous figures, is an artistic testament to the timelessness of Blake’s philosophical thoughts and invokes the spirit of his unmatched imagination.

Join the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour as it escorts you through this timeless journey, providing an unmatched, memorable encounter with the vestiges of London’s most celebrated artist, William Blake. With stories that amaze, facts that inspire, and history that humbles, this tour is a must-do for every visitor in London. See literature and art through a new lens, and be prepared to fall in love with London and Blake’s mesmerising saga all over again.”

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