Huntsman & Sons: Where Fashion Meets Film on a London Taxi Tour

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Welcome to Huntsman & Sons: A Slice of Cinematic Legend

Would you relish exploring a location in London that serves as not just an iconic fashion boutique, but also the inspiration behind the fictional spy organization, Kingsman from the blockbuster movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service”? Herein lies a unique must-experience destination – the stand-out luxurious fashion store that is Huntsman and Sons.

This emblematic tailoring house, founded in 1849, and nestled on the historic Savile Row, is not only one of the oldest and most prestigious couturiers in Britain but also a cinematic landmark, and an essential stop on your London Sightseeing Taxi Tour.

History, High-Fashion and High Drama

At Huntsman & Sons, illustrious history intertwines with fashion and pop culture. Hallowed as the fashion choice for Europe’s high-class horse riders, Huntsman was conferred the Royal Warrant in 1886. The company continued its notable reputation, crafting uniforms for high-ranking British officers during World War I.

A significant shift occurred in the 1930s. The ownership transitioned, pivoting Huntsman for a journey of becoming a high-end fashion brand. What remained constant was its cherished reputation for elegance and quality. And it is this enduring repute in styling the famous and the influential that led Matthew Vaughn, the future movie director, into its hallowed hallways.

Fashion Inspiring Fiction: Birth of Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn, during a fitting session, allowed his imagination to transcend the sartorial elegance of Huntsman. He envisioned stepping through its ornate walls into a thrilling world of velvet-gloved espionage. This daydream would eventually serve as Vaughn’s inspiration for the hit movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and interestingly, the actual Huntsman store doubles as the secret headquarters in the film itself.

Visiting Huntsman & Sons Today

In a subtle nod to its unique link with Hollywood, one can behold a gleaming golden plaque etched with ‘Kingsman’, festooned outside the front of Huntsman’s store. The iconic Kingsman vibe blends seamlessly with Huntsman’s pre-existing luxury, bearing testimony to the delightful paradox of Kingsman’s discreet organization.

Pierce deeper into the store, and you discover a changing room chamber dedicated to the iconic franchise with one of Eggsy’s suits proudly on display. The room mirror instantly reminds one of Harry offering Eggsy a position as a Kingsman.

The Quintessential London Experience: Huntsman & London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

As you prepare for your trip to this legendary store, bear in mind that Huntsman & Sons is still a fully functioning high-end retail establishment. Rather than getting lost as a face amongst a sea of tourists, make your visit truly remarkable by embarking on a tour with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours.

With their exclusive and tailor-made Black Cab rides led by experienced and friendly drivers who are experts in all the awe-inspiring sites around, get the true insider experience of visiting Huntsman & Sons, the meeting point of fashion and fantasy.

A Final Word

Huntsman & Sons diligently serves as both a fashion icon and a unique cinematic link. It’s not just a trip to a luxurious tailoring house – it is an exploration into fashion history, a tribute to an action-packed spy movie, and an experience of true British elegance. Combined with the memories crafted through a London Sightseeing Taxi Tour, a visit to Huntsman & Sons transforms itself from a typical store visit into an enriching, significant adventure in the heart of London.

So, why wait? Embark on a tour of a luxurious fashion house, of cinematic history, of architectural splendor, all rolled into one. Whether a fashionista, a history aficionado, a movie buff, or simply a curious traveler, Huntsman & Sons promises a captivating London tale, ready to be unfolded.”

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