Faraday’s Lab Discovery with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Michael Faraday's Laboratory London

Discover Michael Faraday’s Laboratory with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

When you think up London, your mind may immediately conjure up images of The Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, or the iconic London Eye. However, London is also a city soaked in rich scientific history. Discover this essence of London with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours and step into the past with an unforgettable visit to Michael Faraday’s Laboratory, an awe-inspiring tribute to one of the greatest experimenters in history.

The Historical Significance of Faraday’s Laboratory

Tucked away in the basement of the Royal Institution lies the well-preserved lab of the legendary scientist, Michael Faraday. Faraday, known for his groundbreaking discoveries like the magneto-optical effect and diamagnetism, was a pivotal figure in the field of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His humble lab, replete with original artifacts from his time including a bottle of Thames’ polluted water and a travel microscope, provides an intimate glance into his scientific explorations.

Your Journey with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Our classic black cab will transport you back to the 19th century, with our highly-rated London Sightseeing Taxi Tour . We’ll ease your journey through London’s bustling streets as we navigate you to the Royal Institution building, an architectural marvel in itself. Here, your trained tour guide will regale you with enriching tales of Michael Faraday and his scientific journey.

Exploring More in London

Once you’ve explored Faraday’s laboratory, our taxi tour doesn’t end here. You will be delighted to learn that your ticket provides direct access to the entirety of the Institution. The Institution, which was founded in 1799 with the aim of making science more accessible, is filled with intriguing exhibits spanning three floors, and each of them is an unmissable exploration stop.

A Scrapbook of Memories

Our black cab tours not only offer the convenience of doorsteps pick-up and drop-off but also the added enhancement of a professional guide, knowledgeable about London’s splendid history. Expect a delightful journey, punctuated with anecdotes about Faraday’s life, his fascinating experiments, and contributions to the modern world.

Remember, while clicking photos and making memories of your time in Faraday’s lab, to remain respectful of the historical significance of the place. Please, no touching or tampering with the preserved artifacts!


Whether you are an enthusiastic history lover, a science enthusiast, or a family wanting a unique London adventure, our London Sightseeing Taxi Tour to Michael Faraday’s Laboratory at the Royal Institution offers a memorable trip. Interested? Ready to dive into a scientific time capsule with the thrill of London’s streets under your tires? For a convenient, enriching, and exciting day out in London, book with us now! For “plain Mr. Faraday”, and other scientists like him, have left a legacy worth experiencing through our tours.

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