Explore Leg o’ Mutton Reservoir with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Leg O' Mutton Reservoir And Park London

Experience the Natural Wonders of Leg o’ Mutton Reservoir and Park with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Lorem ipsum, a neighbourhood hideaway that’s teeming with wildlife, Leg o’ Mutton Reservoir and Park offers an enchanting escape from the bustling boroughs of the UK capital. Remarkably nestled within a bend of the River Thames, just a stone’s throw from the famed London Wetland Centre, tour of this unique landmark with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours will undoubtedly be a highlight of your time in the city.

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A Reservoir with a Story to Tell

Constructed way back in 1838 by Thames Water as a water supply for locals, this reservoir, named for its characteristic shape akin to a leg of mutton, adds an interesting historical dimension to any visit. Functioning as a water supply for more than a century, the reservoir ceased operations in 1960 and was repurposed into an invaluable urban sanctuary. You’ll be captivated by the compelling history of the area as you explore its serene surrounds, with our experienced guides adding enriching context and lively anecdotes.

A Testament to Community Preservation

Decommissioned and under the threat of redevelopment, it was actually the determined Barnes neighbourhood residents who rallied to safeguard the reservoir and its surrounding greenery. After overcoming multiple hurdles and public inquiries, in 1970 the council was swayed to purchase the site and transition it into the nature reserve it is today. The park stands as a testament to the value of community tenacity and foresight in preserving natural beauty, and is a lesson in urban conservation.

Wildlife Wonders at Leg o’ Mutton Reservoir and Park

Today, the Park serves as a spectacular green lung between the river and the town, offering a place where you can step off the buzzing streets and into tree-lined avenues surrounding the reservoir. Explore the labyrinthine pathways leading to beautifully reed-lined waters home to diverse wildfowl, like the stunning pochard, the nimble grebe, the solemn heron, the colourful shoveler, and the charming tufted duck. Keep your camera at the ready as you may also spot owls, sparrows, bats, warblers, kingfishers and colourful butterflies. Join us on a taxi tour as we immerse ourselves in the park’s serene beauty and spot surprises at every turn.

A Peaceful Hideaway

Complete with floating platforms for bird watching and strategically placed benches for water-edge contemplation, the Park offers countless opportunities to sit, unwind and breathe in the serene beauty this particular place holds. Time spent here is a chance to contemplate the foresightedness of the residents who worked to preserve this treasured enclave.

No tour in London is complete without a visit to the Leg o’ Mutton Reservoir and Park, a hidden gem that holds within its folds an intriguing history and overwhelming natural beauty. Contact London Sightseeing Taxi Tours to experience this peaceful hideaway through an engrossing tour that’s sure to leave you with lasting memories.

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