Evoke the Glam-Rock Spirit: Marc Bolan’s Legacy with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

If you’re a music enthusiast, or simply entranced by the edgy, vibrant culture of the 70s, then it’s about time you embark on an unforgettable journey through the illustrious streets of London. Witness the legendary glam-rock legacy of Marc Bolan as part of London Sightseeing Taxi Tours.

Step into Music History with Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine

Not simply another sightseeing tour, you will be delving deep into the life and legacy of Marc Bolan, a name synonymous with the flamboyant, glittering trend of 70’s glam-rock. Dying at just 29, plagued by the curse of a tragically short-lived career like so many rock stars, Bolan’s death in 1977 was a potent blow to the UK music scene.


Yet, the spirit of his artistry never faded. Through the diligent efforts of fans, a touching tribute evolved in London – the Marc Bolan Rock Shrine. The otherwise overlooked site of Bolan’s death transformed into a beacon of memory and rock ‘n’ roll heritage.

The Unyielding Love of Fans

From spontaneous pilgrimages to a systematically cared for tribute, the enduring affection for Bolan’s music remains evident at the site. Bolan aficionados have memorialised the sycamore tree that witnessed the rock star’s final moments, affectionately known as the “Bolan Tree”, adorning it with personal keepsakes and messages.


Eventually, an overflow of affection began damaging the tree’s health, threatening a vital part of the shrine. The preservation initiative launched in response, intriguingly named “T. Rex Action Group” TAG , ensured the continued existence of the Bolan tribute.

Keeping the Glam-rock Shine Alive

With TAG’s ceaseless diligence, the site survived beyond its expected lifespan until a sad turn of events in 2015 when it succumbed to poisoning. Despite this, the essence of Bolan’s memorial lives on, the site remaining sanctified with a steady stream of flowers, tributes, and music lovers from across the world.


In recent years, a stone plaque and a bronze bust honouring Bolan have been added to the shrine, enhancing the ambience of reverence. The potent influence of Bolan’s music endures over four decades after his tragic death – a testament to his unforgettable contributions to the music world.

Experience the Marc Bolan Legacy with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

By joining the London Rock ‘n’ Roll tour with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours, you can visit Marc Bolan’s sacred rock ‘n’ roll shrine and place your own tribute. It’s more than just a tour – it’s a touching homage to an icon whose impact on music and style continues to enlighten our world.


Experience the ultimate blend of history, music, and sentiment as you wander through the captivating streets of London. You’ll debark knowing more about Bolan’s music, his illustrious life and the timeless legacy sustaining his memory.


The essence of glam-rock reverberates beyond the realm of music into our lives, leaving indelible footprints – Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine is a perfect testament to this truth. Discover an unique chapter of music history, and immerse yourself into a palpable atmosphere of reverence with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours. Don’t miss out on this moving journey through London, where music, history, and emotion harmoniously intertwine.

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