Discover the Natural History Museum on a London Taxi Tour!

Discover London’s Natural History Museum with a Sightseeing Taxi Tour


The thrilling city of London UK is known for its rich history, famous architectural landmarks, and countless attractions. One of these must-visit tourist destinations includes the world-renowned Natural History Museum of London.

Why not see this monumental behemoth in the most quintessentially British way possible? See it all in the comfort of a black London cab with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours! We make sure you don’t miss a single thing!

Book your sightseeing tour now and we’ll ferry you past the grandest specimens that the Natural History Museum has to offer!

Natural History Museum of London – A Gateway to the Planet’s Story


Bursting with an array of 80 million specimens, the Natural History Museum was established in 1881. This spectacular museum, built with terracotta tiles, was designed to resist the soot in the Victorian-era London air. Completely clad in history and mystery, the museum also houses a fully functional laboratory with more than 300 scientists.

Our London Sightseeing Taxi Tour will create an unforgettable experience as you explore the museum’s marvels.

Marvel at the Mesmerizing Specimens Including Archie, the Giant Squid


Star wonders like Archie the Giant Squid, a cursed amethyst, and a piece of Kryptonite call the museum home. The museum houses specimens collected by the revered Charles Darwin himself and a majestic replica of a Diplodocus.

With our guided taxi tour, you’ll get to witness all these exhibits and more, all from the comfort of a black cab, making your London experience truly unique.

Experience The Evolution Debate in the Museum’s Very Walls


The west and the east wing of the museum are adorned with images of living and extinct species respectively, symbolically representing life on our planet, past and present. The controversy of replacing the popular Diplodocus skeleton with a blue whale in 2017 speaks volumes about the continuous evolution conversations.

London Sightseeing Taxi Tours: Your Best Bet for an All-Inclusive London Experience


Our sightseeing taxi tours make exploring London a breeze, providing you with an informative, entertaining and comfortable experience, all in the back of one of London’s iconic black cabs.

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