Discover Still Life: Quirky Wonders in Hackney

“**H2 Exploring the Offbeat: Uncover the Mysteries of Still Life, Hackney**

If you’re a fan of the peculiar, the quirky, and the downright strange, Then allow us to introduce you to Still Life, an exciting private museum and curiosity shop located in Hackney. This hidden London gem, newly opened on Well Street, is a labyrinth of the weird and wonderful that brings the oddities of nature to the bustling heart of the city.

The shelves, nooks and crannies of Still Life are brimming with intriguing finds such as fossils, bugs and an impressive array of skulls. There’s enough here to stir the imagination and satisfy the most ardent of curiosity seekers.

**H2 Meet the Store’s Eclectic Mix of Residents**

Still Life’s collection is a showcase of incredible natural curiosities. Stand in awe of a mammoth’s tooth or a fully-mounted emu skeleton. If you’re bold enough, you might even catch a glimpse of the incredibly detailed and anatomically correct back end of a zebra. Beyond these, there resides a rich collection of botanicals and several other special exhibits, that invite a closer look.

**H2 Dive into Sustainability**

What sets Still Life apart is its commitment to sustainability. Every single piece in this fascinating collection has been sustainably sourced, which just adds another layer of intrigue and respect to this Hackney gem.

**H2 Wander in a Wes Anderson-esque Wonderland**

Step into Still Life and you are transported into a scene straight out of a Wes Anderson film. The pink and cream-coloured interiors create a whimsical, vintage atmosphere designed to enhance the store’s intriguing collection. The remarkable wall of bronze cabinets, formerly from the renowned V&A ceramics department, house treasures like a Megalodon tooth and a Mosasaur jawbone.

**H2 Ask Away, Experience More**

A visit to Still life isn’t just about observing – it’s about learning and experiencing. Aidan, the owner and the curator of the shop’s artifacts, is your guide in this journey of discovery. Together with Rufus, the shop’s sprightly Cocker Spaniel mascot, Aidan is ready to enlighten you about the pieces in his collection, so don’t be afraid to ask.

**H2 A Unique Destination Awaits**

Still Life is more than just a shop – it’s a unique destination nestled in London’s Hackney. Just a walk away from landmarks like London Fields, Hackney Central, and Victoria Park, this addition to Hackney’s cultural milieu offers another compelling reason to script an exciting day out in London. Sign up for a special London Sightseeing Taxi Tour and include Still Life, Hackney in your itinerary.

But, pack some curiosity – you’re going to need it.

**H2 Parting Words**

Museums can take you on incredible adventures through time, and into the offbeat world of peculiar curiosities. But it’s not every day that you encounter a place like Still Life. A visit to this private museum/shop is a delightful exercise in curiosity, and each artifact is a testament to the amazing diversity of our natural world. Join us on a tour and let’s explore the fascinating whimsies jotted around London.

Remember, curiosity breeds discovery.”

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