Discover Bentham’s Auto-Icon: London Sightseeing Taxi Tour Adventure

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Experience The Final Resting Place of a Renowned Icon With London Sightseeing Taxi Tours

Nestled in the complications of philosophy and mystery, and residing within the University College London UCL , an important piece of history awaits. Jeremy Bentham, a leading figure in modern philosophy, rests here in an incredibly unique manner, preserved and displayed as his auto-icon. London Sightseeing Taxi Tours offers a riveting exploration of this iconic location that fits perfectly into your fascination with offbeat and historical landmarks. Let’s take a deeper dive into the past shaped by Bentham’s radical will and his thoroughly intriguing ‘Auto-Icon’. Sign up for the London Sightseeing Taxi Tour and immerse yourselves in this gripping tale of posthumous adventures.

Retrace the Life of the Great Moral Philosopher: Jeremy Bentham

Bentham, a pioneering utilitarian philosopher, crafted a highly intriguing plan for his posthumous presence. He instructed that his remains be retained, dressed in his black suit, and positioned on a chair under a placard labelled “Auto-Icon”. Carrying around a pair of glass eyes for the last ten years of his life, he envisioned continuing his legacy even in physical death.


His extraordinary request didn’t end there! Bentham had the aspiration that his corpse would preside over regular meetings of his philosophical followers. However, his unique arrangement ran into trouble when an attempt to preserve his face resulted in gruesome disfigurement, prompting the creation of a wax substitute.


Experience an Unexpected Dash of Mystery and Adventure

Adding an eerie touch to the auto-icon’s story, Bentham’s embalmed head was originally placed on the floor between his legs before a group of students notably ‘kidnapped’ it in 1975. They requested £100 for charity in return, but the university tactfully negotiated down to £10. In 2002 Bentham’s head was moved to a climate-controlled storeroom at the UCL Institute of Archeology until recently. It is now displayed in the UCL Student Centre serving as a piece of London’s eccentric history.


Join us on an Exciting Taxi Tour

Nothing compares to the magic of exploring London’s eccentricities and curiosities, and unique sites such as Bentham’s Auto-Icon, encapsulated in centuries of history. Our London Sightseeing Taxi Tour transports you into the heart of a world where history meets the peculiar. This tour gracefully winds around the iconic landmarks of London, making it a captivating narrative journey that strikes the perfect balance between enlightenment and intrigue.



The enduring legacy of Jeremy Bentham’s auto-icon offers a tantalising glimpse into the eccentric side of London’s scholarly past. By opting for our sightseeing cabin tour , you can unlock the myriad of mysteries that lurk within the hustling, bustling city of London. So, why wait? Step into our Black Cab, sink into the comfortable seats, and immerse yourself in the history, and charm of the city that never ceases to amaze.”

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