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Petrie Museum Of Egyptian Archaeology London

“**Discover the Hidden Gem of London: Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology**

London, the eclectic city that it is, features a vast array of attractions for everyone’s taste. From the iconic Big Ben and Tower of London to its vibrant culture, history and arts, it certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s leading cities. Indeed, one of its most notable, albeit often overlooked charms is the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology H2 ; a hidden gem packed full of awe-inspiring Egyptian artifacts

**An Undiscovered Treasure on Malet Place** H2

Located behind an unassuming door and up a flight of stairs, the Petrie Museum is a small archaeology museum that is far from ordinary. It holds a rich and diverse collection of artifacts, from sarcophagi to baboon-shaped amulets and even preserved leather shoes. These pieces of history are beautifully exhibited across three rooms and an adjoining stairwell, giving visitors a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of ancient Egyptian culture.

Named after its first keeper, the eminent Victorian archaeologist and Egyptologist Flinders Petrie, the museum’s collection reflects Petrie’s life mission of investigating, chronicling, and conserving the historical sites of Egypt and the Near East. Famous for his inexhaustible work ethic, Petrie’s tenacity resulted in lifetime achievements that brought an impressive collection of civilizations into this incredible museum

**A Unique Museum Experience** H2

The one-of-a-kind museum experience doesn’t end with the exhibits. Upon entering, visitors are handed a flashlight. Why? Because many of the glass cases holding the treasures are stacked on top of each other, casting the ones at the bottom into shadows. This conveys an atmosphere of real exploration and discovery and makes your visit to the Petrie Museum engagements in a quest for historical artifacts.

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**Endless Possibilities in London** H2

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