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Embark on a Journey through History with London Sightseeing Taxi Tours: The Legacy of Sake Dean Mahomed

There are thousands of stories etched into the masonry of London’s many historical sites, and one of those, although largely forgotten, still linguistically resonates in the daily lives of millions around the world. The tale of Sake Dean Mahomed, a vibrant entrepreneur, author, and inventor of the shampoo hints at the multicultural fabric of London society. To truly immerse yourself in the incredible history of this city, we highly recommend London Sightseeing Taxi Tours. Today, we explore one of London’s forgotten but fascinating personalities and his intriguing legacy.

Sake Dean Mahomed: A Tapestry of Firsts

In 1810, Sake Dean Mahomed introduced curry to the Londoners by establishing the Hindoostane Coffee House. But this was not his only milestone.

In 1794, Mahomed authored ‘The Travels of Dean Mahomet’, the first book written by an Indian in English. It presented a unique perspective on British colonization from an Indian’s viewpoint.

A man of many talents, Sake Dean Mahomed later shifted careers to the health and grooming sector, becoming a practitioner of “chāmpo”, an Indian head massage. Herein lies Mahomed’s most significant contribution that transcends cultural and national boundaries – the technique gave rise to ‘shampooing,’ a global routine today.

He soon found himself redefined as a culinary and wellness master, introducing residents and visitors alike to the scents, sensations, and flavor of the Indian subcontinent. Yet, despite landing good reviews for his restaurant, things didn’t quite work out financially, so he filed for bankruptcy in 1812.

From Shampoo to Kings: The Brighton Chapter

Eager for a fresh start, Sake Dean Mahomed moved to Brighton with his family where he opened a bathhouse in 1821, featuring authentic Indian oils, herbal remedies, and his signature shampooing technique. Clients hadn’t experienced anything quite like it before.

He became known as the “Shampooing Surgeon” and even catered to the likes of King George IV and King William IV, bringing forth another title, the “shampooer of kings.” Despite his meteoric rise to fame, Mahomed’s success slowly dwindled and he was largely forgotten by the time of his penniless death in 1851.

Rediscovering Sake Dean Mahomed

Although Sake Dean Mahomed’s tale is laced with a mélange of triumphs and trials, it gives an arresting glimpse into the multicultural tapestry of London’s charismatic history. His accomplishments as a writer, veteran, entrepreneur, and respected immigrant were later commemorated in 2005 with a plaque near the location of his groundbreaking Hindoostane Coffee House.

One can’t help but wonder how London might have been without the aromatic curries and ubiquitous shampoos introduced by this 19th-century Indian entrepreneur. As you embark on your London Sightseeing Taxi Tour, remember to gaze out for the plaque honouring Mahomed, and marvel at how his life has quietly influenced the cosmopolitan fabric of London.

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